About Us

Synacom is a knowledge organization which measures and supports individual and collective performance in four areas: human resources, operational marketing, training and purchasing.
Our approach increases user utilizations by providing ergonomic and intuitive solutions.

Technical expertise in new technologies

Synacom was founded in 1990 to meet the demand of major French medias (France 2, Canal Plus…) who wanted to set up new interactive platforms.

Responsiveness, quality and stress management

From the beginning, Synacom´s IT team was confronted with the management of very sensitive applications which were related to live programs (e.g. election nights, parts of the television news on France 2)

Reliability and sense of service

Since 1992 SYNACOM has built up a competence around operational marketing applications by managing challenge and loyalty operations for groups as France Telecom.

With its new partners, SYNACOM has acquired new skills in the fields of training, human resources and event communication.