To define their strategy, HR departments must first know the expectations of their employees and have effective analytical tools at their disposal.


The MSI barometer is both a support approach and a tool, fully adaptable to the goals and culture of your company.

Barometer to mesure the motivation of the employees

When a company starts questioning the performance of its employees, individually as well as collectively, it is necessary to take stock of the existing situation and its reality. Improving employee performances requires knowledge of their motivation at work.

Why are we measuring?

  • To develop employees´ commitment
  • To improve internal communication
  • To improve productivity

What is being measured?

  • The motivation
  • The satisfaction
  • The involvement
  • The commitment
  • The perception
  • The assessment

of employees in relation to their work environment, their organization and their managers.

Exploitable data for the HR Department

In terms of performance, measurement makes it possible to establish the inventory of fixtures from which managers will carry out actions and engage all their employees in new behaviors to achieve the defined objectives. Measurement is a genuine tool of HR policy because it:

  • produces tangible data, including about people themselves
  • allows a shared awareness in full transparency
  • provides feedback on the gaps between reality and expectations
  • shows progresses
  • highlights the goals of the company and make them clear for the employees
  • mobilizes managers through periodic evaluations

An evolutionary approach to manage progress

The MSI approach aims to support your company in improving its performances. After listening to your wishes, Synacom adapts its offer to each step of the process:

  • Animation of employee groups
  • Assistance in the development of the questionnaire
  • Analysis of the measured data
  • Suggestions to improve performance

As new actions are implemented, regular measures are taken to determine if they are effective and to readjust, if necessary, the previous taken decisions.

A computer-based tool without technical constraints

  • Follow your employees´ participation online
  • Accelerate and make feedbacks more reliable
  • Ensure a consistency of feedbacks: 1 employee= 1 password = 1 single response
  • Consolidation of collected data
  • Have real-time indicators and observe their evolution
  • Have automated progress indicators from the following year
  • Have an efficient communication tool for employees
  • Developed under a web-based environment

7 conditions for a successful barometer

The commitment of the Managers

To be successful, listening employees´ point of views must be decided and supervised by the managers. It is not only a question of allowing employees to express themselves, but also of taking actions that will lead to concrete and visible results. It is about sharing the expected results: in terms of behavior, of motivation, of performances…

Implying hands-on management

The studies with the highest participation rates are those in which managers are strongly involved: they encourage their team to participate, report the results and implement the selected areas of progress.

Managers are also questioned during the barometer process and are thus empowered and recognized in their decision-making functions.

A regular internal communication

To optimize the chances of success of the operation and obtain a high participation rate, it is essential to communicate on the project with all employees before and during the process.

Guaranteed anonymity

This is the main condition for collecting sincere and therefore useful answers. All people, regardless of their position in the company, attach great importance to anonymity.

A targeted questionnaire

The questionnaire must be comprehensible to all respondents and focus on aspects that directly and personally concern them.

Inform the social partners

The operation must be presented to the social partners via the regular way. This is part of the usual practices and it is also intended to reassure you partners that the study is confidential and objective. The social partners may also, if wanted, be involved in the implementation of the project.

Ending the investigation with a concrete and coherent action plan

It is fundamental that employees perceive the link between the results of the study and the orientations of the action plan. They must feel that managers are seeking to meet the expectations they expressed.