A training center dedicated to occupational health and safety
Face-to-face trainings AND e-learning


Intra-company trainings with geographical groupings or onsite training courses.

Programs are adapted to your specific needs on the following basis:

Increase professional risk awareness and security solutions

  • Public: company managers, safety managers, members of health and safety committees, employees
  • Goals: learn how to observe a workplace; identify risks and understand the stakes for the company and its employees; find effective and lasting solutions

Quality-Security-Environment specific trainings

  • Public: quality managers, safety managers, quality referents or internal auditors
  • Goals: make the staff aware of the quality approach; discover and master the quality system (ISO 9001); set up the functions of internal auditors; set up the functions of process pilots; discover and implement or improve safety procedures (ILO OSH 2001 and OHSAS 18001)

Personal safety equipment: a general or specific approach, applied sales technics

Public: company managers, safety managers, members of health and safety committees, sales teams…

Goals: know how to select suitable protective equipment; know how to store, use and maintain the equipment; know how to sell PPE (learn how to develop arguments)


With e-learning, more than a distance learning tool, implement interactive knowledge in your organization: save time and costs in managing your training plans, optimize the follow-up of your teams with adapted reporting and develop educational paths based on the knowledge of your organization and on the necessary steps to increase your team´s competences.

Real/true error-based and iterative learning tool, it meets the strategic goals of training managers and HR managers:

  • Implement an educational?? Program adapted to the needs of managers for the development of their employees ´competences in specific knowledge as PPE
  • Optimize direct and indirect training costs
  • Provide tools for measuring and monitoring the results
  • Energize teams with knowledge challenges
  • Promote self-assessment

E-learning offers the following features:

  1. Guaranteed safety
    • Direct and secured access via internet or intranet
    • Preserve your data
  2. User-friendly customizable menus and multilingual content:
    • Ease and comfort of use: a choice of simple menus and sub-menus to
    • get quickly to what you’re looking for?? to the essential?
  3. Monitoring of indicators:
    • Matrix data consolidation and immediate access to the information via Internet
    • Evaluation indicators by level of performance achievement, progress
  4. An educational path that can be customized and managed:
    • Generic content made available and adaptable to your needs via an admin module to manage questionnaires, supports, indicators, challenges