e-KPI: instant understanding of your business functions

With E-KPI, 1st tool for evaluating purchasing performance, complete your strategic approach of the purchasing function: save time, optimize your reporting, communicate with your suppliers and the different departments of your company.

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E-KPI is the 1st tool to be part of supplier management and monitoring systems.

As a genuine management tool, e-KPI meets several strategic objectives:

  • Measures the performance (scoring) of suppliers referred by your company
  • Compares and ranks all evaluated suppliers
  • Helps in making shrewd purchasing decisions
  • Highlights the strategic role of the purchasing function

With E-KPI, you go up a gear: stop wasting time retrieving your data and reduce administrative workloads.

E-KPI offers the following advantages:

  1. Absolute security
    • Immediate and secure access vie Internet or Intranet: data are stored on a secured site (TLS) protected by a password
    • Save your data: advantage of using SaaS systems (Software as a Service). In case of organizational or functional changes, of employees´ transfers etc., your data are preserved and secured
  2. User-friendly menus
    • Easy-to-use with a choice of menus and drop-down boxes
  3. A wide range of analyses and presentations of suppliers´ assessments:
    • Matrix consolidation of data and direct access to information
    • Flexible and explicit graphic representations
    • A tutorial to improve the quality of shared information
    • Classification of suppliers by market, period and technology
    • With E-KPI, join the e-performance era and evaluate your suppliers collaboratively
  4. A collaborative operating mode: save time and gain in efficiency
    Online access to the performance results of your suppliers

    • Automatic push mail for a timely implementation of the evaluation
    • Alert thresholds for more proactivity
    • Real-time information
    • Save time and increase your productivity
    • Integration to the existing information systems

Possibility to recover data from other information systems

Advantages of E-KPI:

  • Tutorials to complete the information
  • A fully customizable product that can be adapted to your own needs
  • A real strategic management tool
  • 3 levels of understanding purchase performance
    • Scoring and ranking of suppliers (benchmark)
    • The performance of each supplier is measured by strategic criteria of your choice
    • Details of the performance by criterion and sub criterion
  • A multilingual product for an easy installation on multiple sites
  • Possibility to print and edit screens, tables and graphs
  • Possibility to send automated reports to suppliers