Ev@l: annual performance review

A user-friendly IT solution which optimizes the administrative management of annual performance reviews and which provides consolidated indicators to managers and to the human resources and trainings departments.

User-friendliness and ergonomics

A graphical environment that includes characteristics of the paper-version of your reviews.
Intuitive utilization that makes training unnecessary.

An optimized process

Time savings thanks to:

  • The computer management of your paper forms (copies, internal mail, archiving, editing of interview invitations…)
  • Feedbacks on training needs
  • Preparation of consolidated indicators
  • The availability and consultation of reviews archives
  • The possibility of creating links with information from other computer systems: pay, job descriptions, training management, etc.

The Review “module”

It allows you to access your interview forms online (password-protected) to evaluate:

  • the goals assigned to each officer
  • the criterias for assessing his professional value
  • the acquired professional experience
  • the trainings (assessments and new needs)
  • His career and mobility prospects

After joint validation by the person in charge and the officer, the form is:

  • transmitted electronically to the superiors and to the HR department
  • archived
  • accessible by the managers and the HR department
  • transferable in the event of internal mobility t
  • Printed for signatures


  • summary table of the evaluation criteria for the officers of his team
  • History of the previous reviews
  • Visualization of the trainings followed by his officers during the evaluated year
  • Possibility to edit the summonses of his officers


  • statistics on the perceived quality of the trainings
  • summary view of the requests for the coming year in order to develop the training plan and the budget
  • possible integration of an annual training catalogue


  • view of all the information described above
  • statistics on the evaluation criteria at the level of a department or of the entire workforce
  • Specific requests when the review includes a competency framework (achievement of the prerequisites, exceeding requirements, etc.)


Data are hosted on SYNACOM´s servers. As a result, we need to work with your IT department to:

  • import from your pay system the data concerning the evaluated officers
  • Declare the IP address of our mail server to avoid our mailings to be considered as spam
  • Agree on data import and export formats when other software is involved