Why work on risk prevention in local authorities?

  • Avoid any civil, penal or administrative sanctions
  • Reduce direct and indirect costs related to work stoppages
  • Improve working conditions by optimizing the use of the equipment and tools, by dealing with malfunctions and by reducing work hardness. This also contributes to staff retention
  • Improve the relations with all stakeholders
  • Enhance the company´s image: overall improvement of safety through risk management makes it possible to develop your company in a sustainable way

A prior listening of the organization and of the general policy of the managers makes it possible to set up an adapted support to improve all services.


Synacom´s interventions enable the concerned authorities to:

  • Manage compliance: regulatory monitoring, security diagnostics, compliance audit; reduce legal and operational vulnerabilities
  • Manage action plans: remove regulatory non-compliance, define priorities, give a progress report on taken and completed actions, set up performance indicators, integrate safety and environmental action plans into quality documents (ISO9001)
  • Manage documentation: track the follow-up of equipment including periodic inspections, track mandatory training and authorizations
  • Prevent risks: popularizing risk management; OHSAAS 18001, ILO OHS, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 approaches